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Here at 7XM , we Provide a Wide Range of Games you’ll enjoy!

7XM Games

Live Casino

Experience authentic dealers, live-action gameplay, and genuine wins – it’s the ultimate emulation of a real casino experience!

  • Roulette: Strategically place your chips on your preferred numbers and discover if fortune favors you!
  • Blackjack: Aim to reach a total of 21 without exceeding it, but tread carefully to avoid going bust!
  • Baccarat: Take your place at the Baccarat table to challenge your gaming prowess!

Slot Games

Embrace a laid-back, stress-free gaming encounter with online slots, featuring an uncomplicated format and enjoyable features. Explore a plethora of games, ensuring you discover your perfect match.

Every game comes with its set of instructions. Even if you’re new to online slots, grasping which symbols hold significance and comprehending payline mechanics becomes an effortless process.

Delve into numerous online slots featuring complimentary spin rounds, allowing reel spins without monetary stakes, and captivating features that heighten your opportunities to win enticing cash prizes.

Card Games(PVP)

At 7XM, we take pride in our distinctive software and approach to online gaming. Our card games feature standalone poker software, ensuring you compete solely against other genuine players.

What we provide stands among the finest available. Avail yourself of our daily poker promotions and poker satellites, where both amateurs and professionals alike can relish the opportunity for substantial wins.

Lotto Games

Game introduction

In order to make the purchasing lottery more interesting, 7XM provides rich and interesting gameplay such as single, double, and direct selection. You can choose different gameplay to buy lottery.


Single betting is the most basic form of betting, that is, the buyer directly selects a specified number of numbers to form a lottery ticket according to the rules of the corresponding lottery.


Compared with single betting, multiple betting refers to a betting method in which the purchaser chooses more than the number of regular lottery numbers when buying a lottery ticket and forms a group of betting. Numbers exceeding the specified number will be arranged and combined into multiple lottery tickets according to the specified number of winning numbers. While increasing the chance of winning, the betting amount will increase accordingly.

Direct Selection

Direct selection means that the selected number is the same as the lottery number and the order is the same to win the prize.

Group Selection

Number types other than direct selection are called group selection. The number selected by the group selection can be different in position and sequence from the winning numbers, but the numbers must be exactly the same towin  the prize.

Chase number

Number chase refers to the purchase of the same betting number for multiple consecutive periods; after a member initiates a task, the system will automatically purchase betting numbers for multiple consecutive periods as required by the task. Vientiane provides three types of tracking numbers: same time tracking, double tracking, and profit rate tracking.

Chase rules:

(1) The player can initiate a number chase task at any time, and the player chases the number without affecting the purchase of other lottery tickets;

(2) Initiating an order for tracking number tasks, the amount required for tracking numbers will be deducted at one time. If the main account is not satisfied, the task will not be initiated;

(3) When the number chase task meets the number chase stop condition set by the player, the system will automatically terminate the number chase task. If there is still remaining outstanding number, the system will automatically refund the remaining number of the number chase amount to the player’s lottery purchase account ;

(4) Players can cancel any unreceived number chase task or terminate the entire number chase task at any time. The amount of the number chase that has not been chased is automatically refunded to the player’s lottery account.

(5) The maximum number of periods that can be tracked for high-frequency games is the total number of periods within 24 hours of the color. In case of order cancellation, the period will be skipped and the next period will be continued until the number chase stop condition set by the player is met or the chase is completed.

Cancel order

Players withdraw orders:

The cancellation of any color game must be done before the betting is stopped. After the current betting time expires, the cancellation operation will no longer be possible. The cancellation of the tracking order needs to go to the “View Tracking Information” to cancel the order.

Order cancellation due to no prize draw:

If the lottery number is not obtained for more than 24 hours, the system will withdraw the order and refund for the exceeding period, and the order will be postponed. After the order is cancelled, if the official lottery is drawn, the cancellation will still be processed.

7XM Games: Award process

When you win the prize, the system will automatically distribute the prize, and all the prize money will be distributed to your account, which can be refreshed in the balance to check.

Winning view

After the results of each lottery are announced, after logging in to 7XM, you can check the winning and bonus situation of your betting plan in the game record.

Sport Games

Are you a football lover? Come to play with us! 
we have all the sport events worldwise you want

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Boxing
  • Chess
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Horse Racing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Squash
  • Volleyball
  • E-sports (online gaming competition)
  • Vitur Sports