Michelle Dee is absolutely slaying with her stunning OOTD at Miss Universe 2023! 🔥

Get ready for the ultimate showdown of beauty and glamour at the Miss Universe 2023 pageant in El Salvador, where 86 stunning candidates are vying for the coveted crown. The grand coronation is set to dazzle on November 18, 2023.

Our lovely representative from the Philippines, the radiant Michelle Dee, is turning heads and stealing hearts at the pre-coronation events. She’s not just making waves—she’s a vision of pure elegance from head to toe.

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Curated by the talented stylist Ryuji Shiomitsu and his team, Michelle has prepared a jaw-dropping collection of 72 outfits for her Miss Universe journey. Packed into at least six large suitcases, with a special balikbayan box exclusively for her national costume, she’s all set to conquer the stage and leave a lasting impression.

Read all about Michelle Dee’s mesmerizing journey alongside 85 other Miss Universe candidates, including two trans and two moms—because this is a story you won’t want to miss! 💃👑 #MissUniverse #MichelleDeeMagic

All in Six Suitcases

Our dazzling Kapuso star, Michelle Dee, didn’t just pack for the Miss Universe journey—she orchestrated a fashion spectacle! With the expert touch of stylist Ryuji Shiomitsu and his team, she carefully selected and packed a jaw-dropping total of 72 outfits.

Picture this: at least six large suitcases filled with outfits that are bound to make heads turn. And, oh, there’s even a special balikbayan box exclusively reserved for her national costume—because one suitcase just couldn’t contain all that glamour! 👗✨ #FashionRoyalty #MichelleDeeStyle



As Michelle bid farewell on October 31, 2023, she chose to make heads turn with a custom-made denim pleated tailored dress straight from Vin Orias’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection—because why leave in anything less than show-stopping?

Teaming up this denim delight with strappy heels by Jojo Bragais, she added the perfect dash of allure. And of course, not forgetting the finishing touches—those signature Pamana brooch and pearl earrings from Jewelmer that scream elegance with every step. 👗👠💎 #FashionFarewell #MichelleMagic

Arrival Look

mmdOn Saturday, November 4, 2023, Michelle touched down in El Salvador in style in an all-denim ensemble designed by Renz Reyes.

Adding a touch of flirtatious flair to her ensemble, Michelle paired her look with a petite Fendigraphy bag from Fendi and strutted in style with a pair of YSL’s Auteuil booties in glazed leather.

Now, here’s where the intrigue deepens: The Fendi bag, a divine accessory, is priced at NOK24889.79 (Norwegian Krone), which translates to approximately PHP126,290.61. And as for those irresistible YSL ankle boots, a solo pair comes with a price tag of USD1,490, roughly equivalent to a swoon-worthy PHP83,781.21.


On a flirty Sunday, November 5, 2023, Michelle added a touch of magic to her Miss Universe 2023 registration. Dressed in an enchanting ensemble crafted by the talented Jaz Cerezo, she effortlessly stole the spotlight.

Her captivating outfit featured a draped, cropped turtleneck top paired with a sizzling snakeskin-print skirt—because why settle for anything less than show-stopping?

Now, here’s the fashion tea: This particular ensemble had its debut on the runway during the sensational BYS Fashion Week back in September 2022. Talk about timeless glamour!

But wait, the flirtation doesn’t end there. Michelle added the perfect finishing touches—a pair of Rabiya heels from the one and only Jojo Bragais, statement earrings by Kataw that scream elegance, and, of course, a stylish Fendigraphy bag to complete the allure.


After wrapping up her registration, Michelle gracefully moved on to the exciting task of choosing her dress from Clarisse Designs for the grand opening number of the Miss Universe 2023 coronation night.

Her heart was set on the dazzling “Clarisse 30273” dress, a captivating piece in a bold navy hue, adorned with shimmering sequins and intricate flower appliques. Because when it comes to making an entrance, Michelle knows how to steal the spotlight.

Now, here’s the fashion scoop: The dress, available on marlasfashions.com, comes with a price tag of USD266, approximately equivalent to a flirtatious PHP14,957.45. Because elegance doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price, right?


On the fabulous third day, November 6, 2023, Michelle had everyone in awe as she graced the scene in her resort wear, flaunting a Diana Wave dress from the chic Malcah.

Radiating elegance, she flawlessly paired the flowy green dress with a trendy rattan bag from Orias Studios. And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance—she sealed the look with a touch of sophistication, rocking a pair of nude strappy heels from the one and only Jojo Bragais.

Now, for the fashion details: The rattan beauty, known as the Solohiya Flower Bucket bag, comes with a price tag of PHP11,750, as per the brand’s website. Because when Michelle turns heads, it’s not just a moment—it’s a style statement



On the sun-kissed Tuesday of November 7, 2023, Michelle embarked on an exciting out-of-town adventure in El Salvador. Joined by six other Miss Universe delegates, they transformed the day into a blend of exploration and glamour.

Their journey led them to the breathtaking Playa Maculis, where they soared through the skies in a helicopter and lounged under the warm sun on a luxurious private yacht.

Now, here’s the fashion fairy tale: Michelle, embodying pure “summer vibes,” adorned herself in the radiant “summer vibes” dress by Angela Taloza. As she took on the day’s escapade, she carried a chic bag from the one and only Mark Bumgarner and sprinkled a touch of elegance with accessories from the timeless Jewelmer collection. Because when Michelle tours, it’s not just a journey—it’s a dazzling spectacle.


On the sun-kissed Tuesday of November 7, 2023, Michelle embar

Michelle geared up for a day of surfing, ready to ride the waves in her effortlessly stylish Outfit of the Day (OOTD) while exploring Surf City.

Our future Miss Universe contender exuded beach chic vibes in a pastel blue HELENPIECE swimsuit, flawlessly paired with a dazzling crystal mesh coverup crafted by the talented Ulysses Caragayan. Because when it comes to surfing in style, Michelle knows how to make a splash.

Adding the perfect finishing touches, Michelle adorned herself with a touch of gold, donning a pair of stunning earrings from Kataw. She effortlessly carried her beach-ready Solihuya bag from Orias Studios, and to elevate the ensemble, she slipped into the chic nude strappy heels courtesy of Jojo Bragais.

But the glamour doesn’t stop there—our beach goddess shielded her eyes with a pair of Mica sunglasses from the luxury brand Saint Laurent. Now, here’s the dazzling detail: According to the brand’s official website, a pair of these sunglasses comes with a price tag of USD420, roughly equivalent to a mesmerizing PHP23,549.19. Because when it comes to style, Michelle knows it’s all in the details.

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